What We do

NURU Objectives

Our first and foremost objective is to reach these children with the love and care, that has been severely lacking in their lives, which can cause them to grow and thrive. We will help them to realize and develop their skills and talents, and show them how to utilize them to create personal success which will help them to see a future beyond their circumstances.

Providing exposure to and training on the responsible use of modern technological devices (i.e. cellphones, iPads, computers) is essential to giving these children access to the global community so that they may learn to operate and compete in the world beyond their borders.

We will use the Boys & Girls Club of America model to explore educational and career opportunities, character building and leadership development, offer health and life skills training, provide recreational activities through a sports and fitness facility, promote creative expression through the Arts including painting and drawing, music, crafts and dance and finally, to promote Christian values.

NURU Implementation

We will work with established local churches, orphanages, and schools to identify kids in need and connect them with NURU.

Our plan is to create a type of boys and girls club facility within the existing framework of NURU which will be a training and recreational center. Construction of the office facility is in progress on land that is already available, however the facility which will house The Boys & Girls Club Training and Recreation Center is not yet funded though land has already been earmarked for it.

The program curriculum is being developed to fit the needs of Tanzanian youths by combining skills training along with exposure to technology and global communities to broaden their world view.

Incorporate a type of cultural exchange program to bring young people from the U.S. to Tanzania to learn the Tanzanian culture and see first-hand the challenges our youths face, as well as to teach Tanzanian youths about American culture and help them learn how to use modern technology.

Collecting donations of new and used clothing, furniture, beds, school supplies, sporting goods, electronics such as TV's, Radios, cd/dvd players, gaming consoles, camera's, etc., Computers and accessories, printers, cell phones, ipads, ipods, ink & toner, paper, books, reading glasses. (See Attachment with complete list of donation items needed)

Our Long-Term Plan is to build NURU Radio Station which will be run by the Boys & Girls Club to reach children in remote areas with broadcasts of educational religious programs.

In Summary

Over the past 3 years, NURU Christian Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Victor Mahimbo, has already done a tremendous work of sending aid to the communities of Tanzania having already sent two 40 foot containers of donated goods.

But there is much more work ahead, in order to give the young people of Tanzania the opportunity to grow and have a future even as they face the most daunting circumstances.

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