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The most pressing need is to raise funds to complete construction of the youth facility. Work is nearing completion on the building which will house the office and educational facility.

The cost to purchase the land and building materials is approximately $. Once these projects are completed then we will need donations of office equipment, computers, athletic equipment, art supplies, books, and various school supplies. We are seeking grants to purchase laptops for classroom training.

Helping to organize groups of missionaries and others from the U.S. to travel to Tanzania and help on the construction of the youth facility as well as teaching children about American culture and how to use computers and other technology responsibly.

There are many obstacles this ministry has to overcome in order to become successful in reaching Tanzanian youths. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

For more information on this project please contact Pastor Victor Marimba by email: or by phone: (309)532-5090.

Grace & Peace!

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