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Vision and Mission Statements

The vision of NURU is to establish youth centers in Tanzania modeled after the Boys & Girls Club of America, creating an environment where disadvantaged youths could use their free time responsibly by engaging them in productive and educational activities.

The mission of NURU is to establish youth centers using the Boys & Girls Club of America, model with the intention of getting disadvantaged youths off the streets.

NURU Christian Ministries was founded by Tanzanian native Pastor Victor Mahimbo who named the ministry after his wife Nuru, meaning "LIGHT" in their native tongue Swahili. God gave Pastor Victor a heart for the youths of his native country who are faced with many challenges caused by high rates of poverty, disease, and crime. Pastor Victor has been working hard the past three years as NURU has already sent two 40-foot containers of donated items to benefit the people of Tanzania. In addition to the office facility that is currently being constructed in Tanzania, the dream of NURU is to build a Boys & Girls Club Training and Recreation Center. This has not yet been funded, but land has been earmarked for it. NURU's long-term plan is to build a NURU Radio station which will be run by the Boys & Girls Club to reach children in remote areas with broadcasts of educational religious programs.

NURU Christian Ministries Overview

NURU is a registered Christian ministry based in Bloomington, Illinois in the U.S. NURU was founded by Pastor Victor Mahimbo, a migrant from Tanzania who has resided in several European countries and was educated at Umea University in Sweden.

Pastor Victor and his wife Nuru have lived in the U.S. for 12 years and been active in ministry for 15 years. Their ministry was given Mrs. Mahimbo's name NURU which means light in their native tongue Swahili, the predominant language spoken in Tanzania and most countries of East Africa.

Although Pastor Victor has lived away from Tanzania for many years, God has given him a heart for the youths of his native country who are faced with many challenges caused by high rates of poverty, disease and crime. Through NURU, Pastor Victor has secured much needed donations of clothing, furniture, electronics and other equipment to help combat some of the challenges facing families living in areas that are rural, very poor and unable to provide incentives for the young people living there. Pastor Victor and his wife have also conducted seminars to train volunteers to counsel the youths. Many of the volunteers are from local churches

There is much more that needs to be done to help these children and our hope is that this letter will explain the mission, vision and goals that NURU has developed and how you can help.

Join the NURU Christian Ministries Vision

We are seeking churches and individuals that would be willing to partner with us both financially and with materials o send to Tanzania. We would be happy to come speak with anyone who understands our vision and wishes to bless the families of Tanzania. The Tanzanian people have already been so greatful for the past two containers that have been sent by NURU full of donated items.

In JULY 2017 another container will make its journey to TANZANIA to bless the children and families. We ask that you consider partnering with us by donating supplies such as school supplies, clothing, housewares, and more. The full list of donations requested can be found on the donations page.

If you feel God is calling you to partner with NURU Christian Ministries, we ask that you also consider the additional opportunities to help us pack the container here Central Illinois and consider traveling with a group of us when we go to unpack the container in Fall 2017.

THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about NURU Christian Ministries, their vision, and how you can be a part of the work that God is doing in Africa in the country of Tanzania!



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